Nile Cruise between Luxor and Aswan
(or Aswan to Luxor)

Cruises have different schedules. We offer you a choice of 35 boats that range from three-star to super five-star, so that you can pick the schedule and comfort level that suits you.

This means you can leave from Luxor or Aswan, and choose from a two to seven night cruise.

We also give you the option of cruising with or without tours included. Contact us with you desired selections and dates, and we will send you the options that are available.

Nile Cruise (Luxor to Aswan)

Cruise Day1:
Check in time will be before noon, you will the start by having lunch, then sail to Esna to cross the lock to Edfu, you will arrive late at night so you will spend the night here.

Start early morning with the first visit to Edfu to visit the temple of Horus, then continue cruising to Kom Ambo to visit the town and the temple of the god Sobek then continue sailing to Aswan where you will spend the night.

Check out of the boat

Trip Includes:

Trip including 5star Nile cruise
Full board accommodation
Note 1: You can start with 2 nights and go up to seven nights, to suit your requirements.
Note 2: We can help you make your arrangements for your sightseeing on any number of nights you choose.

Prices start from (per night):
Single cabin: 80.00 USD
Double cabin: 120.00 USD
Prices do not include sightseeing.

Nile Cruise to Abu Simbel (from Aswan)

Felucca Discover the hidden treasures of Nubia as you cruise Lake Nasser and the Nile.

Day 1

Embark your cruise boat at Aswan.

Visit the temple of Kalabasha dedicated to the Nubian sun-god Mandulis.

The is one of temples saved from the creation of Lake Nasser. Overnight in Aswan.

Day 2

All day feature sailing to the Wadi es-Sabua ("Valley o the Lions")

Day 3

Visit the Temple of Wadi es-Sebua, one of the most elaborate of Ramesses II's Nubian monuments. Then sail to Amada and visit the Temple of Amada.

Day 4

Sail to the island of Qasr Ibrim for spectacular views of the surrounding area from what once was a hilltop fortress. Return to boat and sail to Abu Simbel. Tour the temple with the unique experience of visiting during sunset. Overnight Abu Simbel.

Day 5

Disembark and return to Aswan.

1125.00 USD for two persons

Felucca Sail Boat Ride

Felucca Set sail to the fantastic Banana Island at 2:30PM to witness the spectacular sun setting. You will also get to witness the village life on the west bank while you relax on your Felucca.

Trip Duration: 3 hours
Trip Includes:

Banana Island Fees
Pickup and Drop off

Group of one: 28.00 USD
Group of two (per person): 15.00 USD
Group of three (per person): 12.00 USD
Group of four (per person): 9.00 USD

Felucca between Aswan and Luxor (4 days 3 nights)

Felucca Leave Luxor and travel to Aswan. The first day you will visit Isis Island to see the Temple of Philae, the cult center of Isis. You will also see the High Dam and an ancient granite quarry where you can view an unfinished obelisk.

The second day, we rise early to drive to the spectacular Temple of Abu Simbel, on the bank of Lake Nasser. The third day we sail on a felucca boat around Elephantine Island, and visit a botanical garden. Later in the day we begin our voyage down the Nile, stopping in the evening for a night visit to a Nubian village. You will have the opportunity to have an evening party with Nubian music, a nice fire and dinner. The night is spent on the felucca.

In the morning we sail with the sunrise, stopping in Kom Ombo where we examine a Temple with double sancturies dedicated to Haroeris and the Crocodile-god Sobek. A second day and evening is spent on the Nile. The next day arrive in Edfu to see the cult temple of the falcon god Horus, one of the best-preserved temples in all of Egypt. From here, transportation is included back to Luxor.

This trip plan is flexible, you may opt for a two-night sail between Luxor and Aswan. Another option is a three night trip excluding Abu Simbel.

Tour includes all transportation, two-nights full-board in the felucca, two nights in a tourist-class hotel in Aswan. Interpretation provided by an Egyptologist.

Full day Felucca Sailing around Luxor

Felucca There is no better way to experience Egypt than by sailing on the Nile by Felucca. This full day trip with an experienced captain gives you an opportunity to appreciate the beauty of the world's longest river.

You are brought by boat for a visit to Banana and Crocodile Islands. You can see the animals on Banana Island, and also on Crocodile Island where there is a small zoo and yes, a few crocodiles. Lunch is served on the boat with drink. At sunset we sail back to Luxor.


To book a tour or make arrangements please contact us with the details of your trip. We are also happy to provide more information.

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