Our tours are designed for independent travelers because we understand the special arrangements and flexibility you desire. We can help you with what you need arranged, and give you the best information we can on the rest.

  • We combine high-quality service with the cheapest price.
  • All of our trips are in small groups (max of about 8).
  • All our visits to monuments are with an Egyptologist and guide.

Among the special services and trips we offer to the independent traveller:

Check out the other pages for specific information and other tours and packages, including car and motorcycle rentals, discount cards, and arrangements for longer stays.

Before you book with us, check out the deals on offer on the Internet, because we are sure that we are giving you the cheapest rates and the best quality.

We hope you will leave Egypt feeling you have been with friends.


To book a tour or make arrangements please contact us with the details of your trip. We are also happy to provide more information.

In Luxor, the Aladin office is on Sahabi Street, 2nd floor of the Nefertiti Hotel.
e: tours@nefertitihotel.com  t: 002-0100 6016 132

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Nefertiti Hotel, El Sahabi Street, from Karnak Temple St, Luxor, Egypt.
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