Al Sahaby lane Restaurant

Opened in the 1930 by the great grandfather of the Al-Sahaby Family. Since opening, the restaurant grew to be the most popular in the city. The restaurant has been grown year by year until it’s became recommended by many international guide books and magazines.  Due to its popularity amongst tourists and locals alike, the street was renamed for the founding family in appreciation from the governor of Luxor. Al-Sahaby restaurant serves a variety of international and authentic Egyptian and Bedouin food. Nefertiti Hotel guests are free to order room service from Al-Sahaby restaurant from 9 am to 11 pm.




"Operations such as the Nefertiti have not only earned the right to have our budget business,
they certainly also deserve both our respect, as well as our patronage."
Jimmy Dunn

Nefertiti Hotel, El Sahabi Street, via Karnak Temple St, Luxor, Egypt.
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