aladinThree years ago I still wasn’t interested in the tourism business, all of my interest was in exploration and in excavations. My grandfather would tell us when we were children about the Ancient Egyptians and the treasures hidden by the Pharaohs, and the cities lost under the sand. Sometimes he would take us to see the excavations taking place in the oases where he worked and where our family (Bedouin) came from.

In my free time I would go with my friend and dig in the oases, trying to find the treasure of the Pharaohs. From the time I was a child, this love of adventure grew in my heart, so that even after 100 years I know it will still be my passion. Every time my friend and I excavated in the desert we found something new and interesting. One time we found an undiscovered tomb with a mummy in it and a town covered by sand.

My love of travel took me outside of Egypt, and at the same time my mind expanded through this travel since it gave me experience of the world.

Three years ago my father died and I had to carry on the family business. The hotel and restaurant our family owned, once respectable and profitable had become run-down, and I wanted to restore them to their past glory. Using my experience of travelling, I poured my ideas into regenerating the hotel, thinking always of what the traveler needs. After this I added Aladin Tours, because I felt that the independent traveller had a need for more interesting trips than the classic ones, and greater flexibility.

I am sure that every minute you spend with us we will provide all the service you need in a special way. I want you to leave Egypt with a good impression and a fantastic experience because my first interest is to help travelers and make new friends throughout the world. This is always more important that money, and I sincerely want to help people.

This sincerity, I believe has given us great success with our family business- the hotel, the tours and the restaurant. In just three years, through word of mouth and great recommendations in all the Egypt travel guides, my effort has been repaid. Look what they say about us in International Travel Guidebooks (Click here).

I wish you a pleasant trip. If you ever need help when you are in Luxor, in the oases, or any where in Egypt please contact me, I will do my best to help you, even if you don’t do any trips through us.

Aladin, 6 October 2001
mobile 002- 010 601 6132

To book a tour or make arrangements please contact us with the details of your trip. We are also happy to provide more information.

In Luxor, the Aladin office is on Sahabi Street, 2nd floor of the Nefertiti Hotel.
e:  t: 002-0100 6016 132

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