The Nefertiti Hotel was the first budget hotel open in Luxor and is situated in the heart of the historical district. To the west, the hotel overlooks the ancient Luxor Temple and the avenue of Sphinxes, the river Nile and the West Bank Mountains as well as the Al-Mukashkish mosque, the oldest mosque in Luxor.

To the east, you will find the souk (market place), and there are numerous coffee shops where you can relax, have a tea, or smoke a sheesha (Egyptian waterpipe).

The Nefertiti is ten minutes walk from the railway station.

It is located on El-Sahabi St, a sidestreet of Karnak Temple St., from which it is clearly signed. To reach the hotel on foot from the railway station, walk straight ahead up the main street towards Luxor Temple, which faces you. Take the second turn on your right onto Karnak Temple Street, passing the bus station on your left after a few minutes. The hotel is found on your right.

We are happy to offer to pick you up on arrival at the train station as a free service. Note that the bus station is no longer close to the Nefertiti Hotel, it was moved to the outside of town (close to the airport) in a new location.

There is no direct public transport between the airport or the bus station and the town. Please see Aladin Tours for arrangements and deals on transportation.

"Operations such as the Nefertiti have not only earned the right to have our budget business, they certainly also deserve both our respect, as well as our patronage."
Jimmy Dunn

Nefertiti Hotel, El Sahabi Street, via Karnak Temple St, Luxor, Egypt.
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